Docked Horses Deliver White House Christmas Tree

Each year, the enormous Christmas tree is delivered to the White House to honor a tradition that has been going on for decades. Sadly, the horses though are mutilated. This has to is sickening that these gorgeous animals suffer having their tails amputated just so a bow can be put on their ass. Beyond cruel and stupid. Shame on these people!

End this! End this ridiculous amputation. Horses actually need and use their tails. This horrible tradition of hacking off healthy bone and tissue is an abomination, and, the people who like to continue doing this...should be fined and shown jail time for their cruelty.

I am working hard talking with lawmakers, to get more states on board, banning this brutal treatment of horses. RIght now, 12 US states and 11 countries have banned it. Lets get more on the right track here. Just takes a phone call to your local rep to get the ball rolling.

The goals!


Write laws in states that do not ban docking.



Review existing laws to make sure they are comprehensive enough.



Demand that people who break these laws are given the largest, strongest punishments allowable.

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