More School and Vets Joining in the Ban

The theme associated with so many countries, states and provinces banning tail docking is resoundingly the same. There is no reason, whatsoever, to suggest that docking an animal's tail benefits them. It is the opposite.

"The college (British Columbia College of Veterinarians) says no scientific evidence supports docking for the welfare or medical benefit of an animal, but evidence does show docking can harm animal behaviour and communication, as well as raise risks of infection and phantom pain."

Thankfully, this group is just one of the latest to join the growing list of entities banning the cruelty of docking. Should any veterinarian perform docking without a very good medical reason to do so now faces disciplinarian action from the college.

The classic cropped-ear, docked-tail look of the doberman could become a thing of the past in B.C. (ourtesy:  Matthew Clemente)

The goals!


Write laws in states that do not ban docking.



Review existing laws to make sure they are comprehensive enough.



Demand that people who break these laws are given the largest, strongest punishments allowable.