Mitchell Distributing in Meridian, Mississippi supports the abuse inflicted on the Budweiser Clydesd

Please do not support Budweiser, or, attend their events with the horses. They mutilate the animals so they "look" a certain way. These gorgeous horses were not born without tails...Budweiser amputated them. What kind of a monster hacks off healthy bone and tissue the animal actually needs...just so they can put a bow on the horses butt? Shame on Budweiser and Mitchell Distributing for supporting the pain and suffering imposed on these beautiful horses. SHAME!! There is a very clear reason why 14 US states, 8 Canadian provinces and 11 countries ban this brutal procedure www.bantaildocking.

A lot of these small companies across the country who distribute Budweiser beer, invite these mutilated horses to events in their little towns. This is a BIG DEAL for these small places...who don't get many events like this to attend...and so, they ignore the animals abuse. something better with your life...and don't go. Don't add to their suffering.

The goals!


Write laws in states that do not ban docking.



Review existing laws to make sure they are comprehensive enough.



Demand that people who break these laws are given the largest, strongest punishments allowable.

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