Not only are horses subject to this kind of cruelty, cows, sheep, pigs and dogs are also forced to endure this kind of cruelty. The reasoning is quite absurd, and, primarily has to do with the tail getting in the way of people forcibly impregnating them, shearing them or preventing them from chewing their own tails off from the frustration of the horrible life many farm animals live.

This calf, was bound so tightly by the head, it could barely breathe, and had it tail cruel cut off with a garden tool.

Dairy farmers believe that when cows swish their tails they spread germs. They apparently don’t care that cows have tails for a reason: to protect themselves from flystrike, which can kill them.

Most do not use anesthesia, they just tie the animal by the head very tightly to a post, and then, hack away. It is horrifying. Four states (California, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Ohio) already require anesthesia for docking dairy cows’ tails. ..which is good, except that, docking is an unnecessary cruelty to inflict further suffering on these already abused animals.

This author talks about how wrong removing their tails can be.

Cows are forcibly impregnated, and live lives of terrible confinement, constant milking, damaged udders and seeing their children taken from them again and again, until they are slaughtered.

The reason for the tail docking, or so farmers claim, is to make that rape easier to do, and also, the milking. Like many forms of cruelty towards animals, those who work in this grotesque industry have claims for and against this form of animal abuse. This article talks about not needing to perform this cruel act.

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